TECHiJET is one of a kind


A better world with needle-free diagnosis and therapies

About NFIs

Natural & Effective

No Needle—No fear, virtually no pain
Higher Bioavailability
High Bioavailability—Good fluidics, complete disperse injection in 0.3 secs
Effective Glycemic Control
Effective Glycemic Control—Earlier onset of medication effect, better glycemic control
No subcutaneous Induration
No Subcutaneous Induration—no needle stick injuries, no contamination
Good Experience
Good Experience—Obvious dosage display, less than 100g
  • Natural & Effective
  • Needle-free
  • Higher Bioavailability
  • Effective Glycemic Control
  • No subcutaneous Induration
  • Good Experience

Clinical study

In order to allow more patients to use our product safely and comfortably, we have conducted lots of clinical studies.

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Natural, Effective
A better world with needle-free diagnosis and therapies

  • What is TECHiJET?
  • Technology-based, created with the use of high technology equipment and good quality materials.
  • Innovation, an advanced device leading to a better treatment.
  • Jet injection, disperse injection.

Company Milestone

From France to China, Quinovare has never stopped and has been constantly striving.