Beijing Quinovare Experience Store

     In order to realize the vision of a better world with needle-free treatment, and help diabetic patients better understand TECHiJET needle-free injector, we set up the off-line experience store in Beijing.

Welcome to visit!

Beijing Quinovare NFIs experience center, 105 Xin Jiekou street, Xicheng District, Beijing

Kindly Remind

1. Do not discharge the injector without ampoule attached or with air inside the ampoule.

2. Make sure the ampoule is tightly connected before each injection.

3. Never use the same ampoule for different medications, or the same adapter on different medication ampoules. 
4. Only one-time attaching of ampoule, no re-use after removing from the injector. 
5. Do not leave injector under charged condition when not in use. Please release the pressure by rotating the lower portion to the left until "+" mark become visible in the dosage window. Press and hold the safety lock and press down the injection button.

Frequently Asked Question

  • 1. Is the TECHiJET injector painless and non-invasive?
  • 2. What should I pay attention to when switching to needle-free injector?
  • 3. How to distinguish insulin bottle suitable for adapter A and B? How to get adapter C?
  • 4. How to store the insulin and needle-free injector?
  • 5. Why is there a red spot and bleeding after injection?
  • 6. Are all the diabetics allowed to use QS needle-free injector?
  • 7. Why is it necessary to change the consumables in time?
  • 8. Can medicinal alcohol be used to sterilize the injection area?
  • 9. Why is there excessive moisture at the administration site after insulin administration?
  • 10. Why is there raised white bump?
  • 11. Why the wound on skin by needle-free injector seems larger than that by conventional injector?

1. It is not a painless nor non-invasive. Still patient will feel a slight pain due to short injection time. Most people don’t have a noticeable tingling sensation but rather feel as if they were flicked. Minimally invasive when the liquid medication enters the body, it will leave a tiny mark on the skin surface, which can be recovered in two days.

2. 1) After administration, the number in the dosage window will not return to zero. Unlike the insulin pen, TECHiJET needle-free injector will reserve the dose. This function reminds the patient how many doses has been injected.
2) Thanks to the advanced needle-free technology, the liquid medication will disperse evenly upon entering the body, which makes the absorption of the medication quick and effective. Patient can have a meal only 10-15 minutes after injecting insulin.
3) Pay attention to your blood glucose data. It is suggested to monitor the blood sugar in the early stage of using needle-free injector. Adjust the insulin dosage according to the doctor’s advice to ensure the blood glucose stable and healthier.


How to get Adapter C:

Open and pull the adapter's lid a little hard so as to seperate the needle from Adapter's outer ring. 

4. The sealed insulin can be stored at room temperature (not exceeding the temperature specified in the insulin instruction). For the needle-free injector after administration, place the cap back on and keep TECHiJET in a cool ventilated place, away from long time exposure to sun light. Do not put the TECHiJET in refrigerator.

5. Red spot after injection is not unusual and it is the entry point of medication.  It will disappear after 1 day generally, or 3 to 5 days due to poor coagulation ability of diabetics. A pinprick bleed may appear if users hit a capillary, or the injection angle or injection pressure is improper. It can be avoided after practice.

6. No. Below groups of people are not allowed to use the injector: 
1) Elderly persons unable to understand and memorize the instruction for use
2) Persons allergic to insulin
3) Persons with bad eyesight and unable to read the number in the dosage window correctly
4) Pregnant women are recommended to inject on legs or buttock

7. There will be wear and tear after use for many times, in which case the injector will not be able to extract medicine and inject correctly.

8. Yes, it can be used and it’s necessary. Please use alcohol swab to sterilize along a spiral path from inside to outside, to avoid the repetition of sterilization path. Please do not inject until all the alcohol dries out, otherwise alcohol will be taken into body, causing pain.

9. It indicates that an incomplete dose of insulin was given. The cause is, in most cases, related to the injection technique of the user. The main points to consider when perfecting your administration technique are following:
1) Change a new ampoule
2) Always ensure there are no air bubbles in the ampoule before injection.
3) Keep the ampoule perpendicular (at an angle of 90 degree) to the administration site
4) Fully relax
5) Press the injector a little harder against administration site

10. This may indicate that, while successful, your injection did not penetrate sufficiently into your skin.
1) Press the injector a little harder during injection.
2) Make sure there is no air bubbles in the ampoule before injection.

11. As the conventional needle punctures the skin, its tip with a bevel can enlarge its passage way by squeezing away the skin tissues which will rebound after the needle is out. Thus, its wound seems smaller. But it brings definite damage to the subcutaneous tissue which will cause induration. By contrast, needle-free injector will not cause such damage, without needle. What’s more, there is no risks of needle breaking or needle injuries.