TECHiJET QS-P Needle free Injector

A new generation of portable needle-free injector, less than 100 grams

Leading needle-free injection technology

Needle-free technology, insulin disperses evenly as spray-like pattern over a larger subcutaneous area.

Dosage range

Accurate dosage extraction, based on dosage demand of each injection. The dosage is accurate to 1 IU. Single injection dose range is 4-35 IU.

Injection Accuracy

1 IU

Dosage range

4 - 35 IU

Easy to use

Good Experience, easy 3 steps to complete injection.

Charge Device
Extract Medication

Good design award

Adhering to TECHiJET consistent design concept, it brings unparalleled use experience.

Product Specification

Model: QS-P-01

Size and weight: 26 x 28 x 146 mm | 95 g


QS-P Ampoule (0.35ml)

Adapter A

Adapter B


Rose Pink