Intelligent Temperature Controller(only available in China)

Close companion of diabetic patients

Temperature Control System

Intelligent temperature control box is equipped with advanced patented intelligent temperature control system, which can keep the storage temperature of insulin in a safe range of 10 - 25/28 ℃.

10 - 25/28

Intelligent temperature control, safe and intimate

When injection time is close, the storage temperature will be further adjusted to the temperature suitable for injection: 20℃~25℃/28℃.

20 - 25/28

Injection reminder

Dual reminding by intelligent temperature controller and mobile phone can avoid the injection time and dose from being forgotten.

Touch screen operation is clear at a glance

2.4 inch super large screen, touch control, easy to understand.

Exclusive Accessories

Provide exclusive accessories of TECHiJET QS-P.

Product Specification


Size and weight: 202 x 74 x 50 mm | 480 g

  Display screen: 2.4 inch | black and white dot matrix display | capacitive touch

Power Supply: Micro USB charging interface

Battery: built-in 6000 MAH lithium battery

The power adapter:

Input 100-240v-50/60Hz,0.5A; MAX output 5V 2.0A

Systems compatible with "Cross Sugar Tide" App:

For iPhone: IOS8.0 or higher version; For Android 5.0 or higher version.

Temperature control range:

Preservation temperature range is 10℃~25℃/28℃ ;and 20℃~25℃/28℃ 。 when injection time comes close.

Applicable insulin pen:

Novo pens
Lantus (glargine) pen

Suitable for TECHiJET needle-free injector and adapter pen is required:

Insulin cartridge adapter
(product model:QA-BPB | Size:143 x 18 x 18 mm)