Health Security

1. Regular Physical Examination - The company provides regular physical examination every year, so that employees can fully know their physical condition and prevent all kinds of health risks.
2. Supplementary Medical Care - The company provides an additional guarantee of medical care for employees. A full premium insurance is paid.
3. Health Lectures.
4. Traditional Chinese Medication Massage.
5. Work Residence Certification.

Employees Security

Social Insurance

The company pays pension, medical insurance, work-related injury insurance, unemployment and maternity insurance for employees, and provides reassuring social security.

Housing Provident Fund

In order to alleviate employees’ housing pressure, Quinovare pays housing provident fund for them.

Commercial Insurance

The company buys commercial insurance for every employee. The insurance premium is paid by the company in full and the maximum insurance amount is 400,000 yuan.

Life Style

Birthday Present

The company prepares birthday gift and blessing for each member. 

Festival Greetings

The company carefully selects gifts for New Year’s Day, Women’s Day,
Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Day. 

Wedding And Childbirth Gift

Quinovare's presence at important moments of every family.

Paid Vacation

In order to guarantee the balance between work and life of the Quinovare employee, various paid holidays are offered. In addition to legal annual leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, wedding leave, etc., they can also enjoy additional welfare annual leave, pregnancy examination leave and so on.

Annual leave

You can enjoy the annual leave after probation

Welfare annual leave

You can enjoy one more day’s welfare leave whenever you have worked here for one more year. 

Health And Fitness

Fitness room - treadmill, elliptical machine, dynamic bicycle,sandbag, rope skipping, abdominal wheel, dumbbells are all available.

Sports-loving partners can exercise here to build a healthy body.

Table Tennis Room - Let's swing and sweat here.

Walking Power

Paid Travel vacation for Excellent Employees